The SCIO & ASSOCIATI consultancy has all the necessary skills for finding the specific solution to every requirement. the final aim of the consultation and support service is the client and her requirements. SCIO & ASSOCIATI  bases her operations on this principle.

is having a deep knowledge of ones subject, the most appropriate answers and an innovative approach. In other words readiness, efficiency and punctuality in the solution to every problem.

Integrity as an ethical code. An element to which each pertinent sector of  SCIO & ASSOCIATI  refers for analyses, research and proposals. An integrity tied to the personal principles and values of the consultant professionals that operate within the group.

Quality and transparency.
Essential for the SCIO & ASSOCIATI  business. Offering quality and transparency means keeping the client informed of developments and involved during all of the phases including the final solution.

Division of knowledge.
The group is made up of men/women and intellects. The professional resources are specific, the business of analyses and research are carried out using the Anglo Saxon model, such as brain storming; the pooling of widely differing ideas to arrive at the most appropriate solution.