Who we are

Consultant specialists for national and international businesses, SCIO & ASSOCIATI works in the sphere of client relationships creating genuine and appropriate partnerships between those concerned.
The group’s effectiveness and success is due to a solid understanding of entrepreneurial logic. The professionalism and experience acquired in the prime sectors of management and partnership consultancy, and the expert advice on finance and revenue is backed up by a continual updating of information and working implements.

SCIO & ASSOCIATI has over the years developed an important presence in the surrounding area including Milan, the economic and financial capital of Italy. Today the SCIO & ASSOCIATI organisation numbers approximately 20 qualified members and belongs to a network that generates fruitful collaboration in both national and international fields. The division of work roles, competence and likewise responsibility, based on the Anglo-Saxon model, ensures that the primary objective of all the collaborators is the creation of values and the satisfaction of the client